Ants Like Rain, Fucko!
(Shoulda gone marching before the storm)

All that I can really say about this is that it happened after about 50 or so hours of consciousness, and I was staring out of the window that was directly in front of me fixated on a single leaf on a bush across the street that had water dripping off of it because it had been raining earlier that day. It’s like… Traditional Americana meets John Coltrane and Chick Corea in an opium den. Yes. I will go with that.

Piano Improvisation
Katie Potter 2003

My Place

From far across the great divide
I see what it might turn out to be
Once I fall into the chasm
Once I finally find my place

Sure enough, the coast is clear but
I cannot take a single step
Strangled by a lingering stigma
Keeping me from finding my place
From far across the grand horizon
I see the colors of my future
Still too confused to understand them
Still too lost to find my place
But in the shadows of failed decisions
Lurks an energy I’ve felt before
I must trust my ambition
Until I find my place

With every sigh that i exhale
I dwell on what i could have been
Had I believed in second chances
Had I the strength to try again
If all to life is what I see
Then rip the strength right out of me
Until I choke on one last breath
And twisted logic destroys the rest

From deep within a toxic dream
I scream for life to reappear
and so i seek an absolution
Until i finally find my place

No More Miracles?
The End

I am genuinely sad about Code Blackgoing off of the air. I was able to handle it when it was first announced, but now that we’ve seen the finale I’m stuck in a weird, sad pseudo-state of disbelief. Everything wrapped up, I do appreciate that there were no hanging ends… but that can’t be it… it can’t be over! That show was beautiful, every character was genuinely likable even if you didn’t like them. Almost every episode made me cry. And laugh.
Dammit, No!!! Don’t leave me, dammit!!!