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Ants Like Rain, Fucko!
(Shoulda gone marching before the storm)

All that I can really say about this is that it happened after about 50 or so hours of consciousness, and I was staring out of the window that was directly in front of me fixated on a single leaf on a bush across the street that had water dripping off of it because it had been raining earlier that day. It’s like… Traditional Americana meets John Coltrane and Chick Corea in an opium den. Yes. I will go with that.

And then there was this…

No, it’s not quite on par with the original but it was inspired by the Koln Concert and it takes me back to a place that was both inspiring, terrifying and dangerous all at once. Those were the days, oh yes.

The Köln Concert
: A sort of life sentance

As I may or may not have mentioned, I am a piano player. I went to Berklee in Boston, I got really scarily into the jazz thing, and a shifty sketchy time was had by all. But in the process of shiftily sketching my way through a weird catalog of music that was starting to have an intense and somewhat sinister effect on my life, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a few things that I definitely needed to hear…

The First Time

Sometimes magic happens, and even better, sometimes you are recording when it does. Here is one of those moments, it eventually evolved into this whole elaborate production, but at one point it was just a skeleton and oh, what a skeleton it was. This is that skeleton…