Today I hit a deer. This is the second one this year, exactly 100 days after the first one. It was on the first of the year. So, to reiterate, January 1st of 2018 I hit a deer and then, 100 days later, I hit another one. That’s fucking crazy, right? I think it’s completely insane… I’m thoroughly freaked out at the moment. I am also a bit nervous about what might happen 100 days from now, or when I might hit deer #3 because everyone knows these things happen in threes… meep! I’m a very, very careful driver. I don’t text and drive, I don’t drive intoxicated, I don’t have a speeding problem, I am pragmatic about traffic laws… why have I become a magnet for large and destructive roadkill?

The first time I was lucky and was only left with a few tufts of fur sticking out of the rim of my back left tire. This time, well… thank God for crumple zones. I’ve got a cracked grill, smashed headlight encasement, cracked bumper, fog lights and vents busted out, broken fender… but oddly enough, no broken glass or engine damage. I also walked away from both crashes without as much as a scratch – I suppose I have been very lucky… although, if you ask me, lucky would have been not hitting the deer in the first place.

They say, “three is a charm.” They also say “karma comes back at you three-fold.” Cerberus has three heads. You can survive for 3 days without water but only 3 minutes without breathable air. There can be only 3. What do these things have to do with each other or deer? Nothing, nothing at all. The chances of a third occurrence are not heightened or reduced by the initial occurrences. I know this… doesn’t make me feel any better.

Yeah, this one is going to be fun to live down. Here’s hoping the insurance process isn’t as destructive as the accident.

Something’s gotta give.

April 13th: Dealing with my insurance company was a pleasure. My accident is fully covered after my low deductible, and my rates won’t go up. At least there was that.

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