I want my car back, dammit!! Sigh… insurance companies have no sense of freaking urgency. I just want to say that I am beginning to lose my patience with this car thing. I hit the fucking deer on the 11th, the claim was filed on the 12th, the car was brought in for repairs on the 16th… it is now the 25th and all I’ve heard is that they’ve had to bring a claims adjuster back out to look at the vehicle multiple times.

The process is going very slowly – it will be at least two weeks (so until at least May 2nd) at the earliest until my car is ready. That was the last I heard anything – that was the 19th. We don’t have rental car coverage on our policy because – heh – when the hell are you ever going to need to rent a car for an extended period of time? That would just be stupid.

I wish I had done something so stupid right about now.

And thus, I wait.

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  • ACountryBoy
    Posted April 25, 2018

    One thing I hate about insurance and claim adjusters is that they are sooo slow to pay and yet it’s our money that we give them month after month, year after year.

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