What Am I doing? That is a fantastic question. The entirely vague and vaguely personal answer is that I’m finally writing this damn thing. Apparently I have been pathetic, and in the course of becoming pathetic, I have also gone completely insane. How the hell did I get here?

This blog… dear Lord, I’ve been saying it was going to happen for years. I said it when I was modeling, then when I started photography, then of course when I became the insane modelographer, the traveling modelographer, the meandering musician (who was also a modelographer), the ultimate modelographer… there were a ton of them (physical manifestations of multiple personalities is like… a somewhat serious and rare mental disorder, eh? Heh… anyhow… the modelographering was unfocused and chaotic, so the attempt at blogging was the same. So, it’s about time I did something for me that was actually for me and not just proliferating my ego all over the internet.

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