Stoplight waltz and the way you said things
Words danced gracefully off the tip of your tongue
Charisma, baby, you’ve got it
And your eyes are drowning in it

Coffee shop, shoot it up and walk away
Relieve me of this sin again
Out of sight, out of mind, put it all behind you
You’re only human… you used to be
Your own rules, your own boss, your own slave
Congratulations, you’ve made it so far…
Why not go all the way?
Attempts were never worth your effort
Never quite your style
Five whole hours?
Man, where the fuck have you been?
No one’s time was ever as valuable as your own
Time was of the essence and you had it all
Now time is the only thing you have left
Or it has you…
Wrapped tightly around its little finger
Why invest time in someone else?
You’re the only one that matters
And you’re still wearing that olive green sweater
You borrowed it from a friend quite a while ago
Before the implications of the title became too much to handle
He gave up on you a long time ago anyway
The effort that entailed caused far too much inconvenience
No one was ever as important to you as yourself
But now you’ll have your so desired solitude
Don’t worry, you always get exactly what you want
That’s all you need now
That’s all you’ve ever needed
Drop the fucking act and shut your mouth for just one second
Quit talking and start walking
The race is fixed for you, per usual, you can’t lose
There’s no way
Tell that tasty lie over and over again
Savor it on your lips…
Go out with a fucking bang
Another blast, hot stuff
Bang it harder and deeper
Permeate my inner sphere
Impelled toward everything you lusted after
The glamour, the pleasure
The connection you feared
Sorry, my friend, it definitely wasn’t that good this time
And something tells me you aren’t getting any better
Time to acknowledge the status quo before the next reconstruction
Destroy all potential opposition before it becomes a problem
You always made sure that no one could keep up with you
Trying to outdo just one more person before you outdo yourself, I see
Until existence is nothing more than a lingering distortion of the past
The haze grows thick as you get sicker
So go ahead, hot stuff, get fucking well
Kill us off
One by one by one by one
And then feel as if we’ve abandoned you
I know, it’s all my fault
It’s all their fault
It’s everyone in the world’s fault except for yours
Because you are fucking perfect
I know, I know… I am obviously blind
You’ve informed me multiple times that I don’t understand
Which is ironic considering the fact that i have absolutely no desire to understand you
You’ve become as predictable as the weather
What’s there to understand?
Still convinced of your indestructible karma?
Quid erat demonstratum
You’re all the proof that I needed
And my god, have you grown even more stubborn
Didn’t think it was possible for you, baby
But once again, you’ve proved me wrong
I fucking give up
I don’t want to argue
No more retaliations, no more contradictions
Savor the frustration until i depart
Be happy that you can still feel at least that
Or have you already become a statistic?
Does it even matter?
Does anything matter?
No, it doesn’t at all
You’re gone and you’re never coming back
And yes
Thanks for everything
I’ll never fucking forget you

Cloudy eyes
Pale skin
Railroad arms
The tangible concept illustrated
Look at your transparent ego on display
Broken side door squeaking in the wind
Endless nights and misconceptions
The terror in your voice that followed me into the hallway
The fear i saw in you the very last time our eyes met
Burdened by the fallacy of the situation
Something vulnerable and unfamiliar, but strangely pleasing
Carefree, like our glory days of wonder and adventure
Discussing everything we should do with our lives
Way too ambitious to ever be satisfied
So many options, so many methods of emerging victorious
I didn’t expect it to end like this, either
It wasn’t supposed to end
But baby, you’ve changed
I thought some things weren’t supposed to
I thought some things never did
Deep pleading ocean of grey
It used to inspire you as you inspired me
And in the end we both were a little higher
Speaking of everything we should do with our lives
There were so many opportunities, so many big chances
So many moments that passed without ever being acknowledged
Now so many of them are meaningless
Just blending together, blending with us
Yesterday, man, that was only fucking yesterday
It’s like you’ve died, but not quite
Fireworks, fantasy, foreplay, fear, fulfillment
I was impressed
Everything was so fake, so synthetic
But it was all we had
And we loved every single fucking moment of it
We knew so much
Until our knowledge took over us
We became imprisoned by our own routine
You’d think we would have caught on earlier
We lost our self-control along with our virginity
Dehumanized and trivialized just the same
Nothing means what it once meant
Disillusioned by our own lives
Gave away our souls for a quick fix to get us there
Stopped keeping track of the regrets
We used to be human
We used to care
We used to be romantic and whimsical
Smiling effortlessly for no reason at all
Not questioning
Living it up in style
And now there’s always a motive
There has to be a motive!
Our sick game is of survival
Tossing death around as if it were a fucking rubber ball
And we actually thought we’d bounce right back
We were even convinced that we couldn’t possibly fall
Too good, way too fucking smart, no way
Brilliant, sweetheart, so brilliant
Anymore bright ideas?
Don’t feel bad, we’re in this together
Speaking in acronyms
Hiding in the woods
Expanding our minds
Sharing experiences
Ignoring consequences
Abusing unlimited second chances
Gambling with our mortality
Addicted to taking the risk itself
Comfort became way too stable to be entertaining
Entranced by the danger we always partied with
We had to do it all
Had to experience everything
And we may have succeeded
But for what?
For broken promises
False sentiments
Shady deception
We watched ourselves slip further and further away
And somewhere down the road i forget what your voice sounded like
I forget how intoxicating your eyes were
And you kept on flying
Where are you now?
Don’t bother hiding, no one cares enough to search for you
Dream, my friend
Just sleep the days away
No one will try to stop you
No one had ever succeeded, why try now?
But i can’t bring myself to watch you anymore
You’re on your own
You’re one your own, gone, never to return
And this is just a simple lament
A requiem for yesterday

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